200 S. Washington S
Pilot Point, TX   76258
(940) 686 3801

   History of Lowbrows

This use to be Dad Robins place, a well known restaurant in the late 1800ís. The Post signal, the oldest continually operated news paper in Denton County, 1878, was here for a while. After Ferdinand Lowbrow took over, the buildingís fate was sealed. He never did any work on the building. As luck would have it his heirs were just as (letís say) frugal. A few years ago the city conducted an inspection, after they borrowed a helmet from the school football team. The building is apparently safe so donít let our looks scare you off. If there is any question, stand near the old oak tree trunk that they hung Spoons Butler from back in the day. The doors and windows mostly work which is useful in the summer, there is a big old stove for the winter and there are always flyswatters for your comfort. Stop all this talk about cheap! We are Green; there is a lot of carbon locked up in here.